Funny Gates For Your Furry Mates

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  • Fun Designs

    This super-cool dog gate is a hilarious addition to your home's decor. With four whimsical designs available, you can find a gate that not only keeps your pet in check but also makes everyone giggle.

  • Pooch-Safe

    Our pet gate creates secure boundaries. It lets your canine explore surroundings while preventing access to restricted areas. With a see-through design, it strikes a balance between freedom and protection.

  • Versatile Use

    Our freestanding gate blends convenience and adaptability. Need to squeeze into a narrow doorway? Have a wider space that needs doggy boundaries? No problem.

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  • Quality Build

    Well-crafted of wood, our pet gate is durable, wear-resistant, and stable. The support feet will keep it firm on the floor, preventing sliding. The rubber pads protect your floors from scratches.

  • Compact Storage

    This foldable gate is made for easy storage and carrying. Whether you are in a rental or you just like to switch things up, our gate is always up for a change of scenery.

  • Designed by Pet Owners

    Proud dog parents ourselves, we know good pet accessories. We created our dog gate with the help of our sassy girl, Pancake, for all dog owners’ peace of mind.

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